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4-5 Months

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30 June, 2023

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1 August, 2023

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19999 13999

About the Course

**Good performers will be directly recruited by IDIOSYS TECH PRIVATE LIMITED without any further interview with 12-15 k minimum packages**

Idiosys Academy, a leading PHP Training Institute  in Kolkata provides PHP /Mysql training in professional way with live projects. PHP is one of the most popular programming language using which one can develop database driven dynamic website. Because of it’s easy to learn and high demand in the industry it’s easy for PHP fresher web developer to get job.  Most common problem for a fresher PHP developer is to get a job after completing the PHP course in Kolkata. we Help you get your first job as ” PHP Developer ” because our trainers are industry experts..

    • Course modules are prepared by Industry Expert
    • Professional Faculty with boost able Experience in Development and Training
    • All latest updated technologies
    • Real-time project requirements.
    • Real-time concepts sharing for each topic
    • Study material for all modules
    • Placements Assistance

  • * What is website ?
  • * What is Hosting ?
  • * What is server ?
  • * What is Local Host ?
  • * Difference between Dynamic website & Static website
  • * Concept of Fronted & Backend Technologies
  • * Basic SQL knowledge * Basis of UI/ UX designs


*HTML Elements
*HTML Tags
*HTML Anchor Tag
*HTML List
*HTML Table
*HTML Form
*HTML Events
*Div And Span


* CSS Selector
* Applying CSS – Internal, External, Inline
* CSS Background
* CSS Classes and ID
* CSS Pseudo-Classes

  • * Client side & Server side script concept
  • * Security end & performance end lectures
  • * Form field validation
  • * Event, Trigger
  • * centralize script writing
  • * Jquery File Upload
  • * Creating picture slider with jquery
  • * Jquery light-box
  • * Submitting forms with help of jquery
  • * Form validation using jquery


* Introduction to PHP
* PHP with Web Design
* PHP Syntax
* Variables in PHP
* Expressions
* PHP Operators
* Conditions, Events and Flows
* Loops
* PHP Functions
* PHP Arrays, Objects
* Database Concept
* Fundamental queries with security tricks
* Concept of mapping tables
* How to design normalize database?
* Join, Group, Limit, Group concat etc necessary keywords
* View creation
* Database connection with PDO
*Library – Image, Input, File Upload, Email, Session

  • * Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Remember Me
  • * Dashboard design
  • * Form validation, Submission, Data Save & Data showing
  • * Data Grid, Search etc
  • *PHP with MVC Architecture
  • *String Manipulation and Regular
  • *Expression
  • *PHP Sessions and Cookies
  • *PHP File Handling
  • *Files and Directory Access

* MVC concept
* Security, Performance related points
* CRUD operation
* Real-time small project with YII2 MVC
* Creating user login form using Database
* Creating Registration form using Database
* Search Module
* Embedding PHP Code into HTML Pages

On completion of the training, an industry-standard PHP development project will be assigned.

The project assignment will be to develop a web application using PHP and MVC framework. It will be an end-to-end project development where the students will create both Frontend and Backend of the web applications. The project will be guided by the Sr. Web developers of our development unit “Idiosys Technologies”

On successful completion of the training and the assigned project work, students will be certified as Trainee Full Stack PHP Developer by Idiosys Academy.


* Huge opportunity to be a part of Idiosys Technologies if you perform well

* Additionally, we would do placement support on multiple companies.

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