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4-5 months

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15 July, 2023

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Course Date:

10 August, 2023

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19999 13999

About the Course

Idiosys Academy offers Professional ReactJS Front-end Development training in Kolkata for individuals who are interested to step into the advanced world of Web Designing / UI & UX. All the faculty members are well versed in this software and one to one attention is given to every student

  • Course modules are prepared by Industry Expert
  • All latest updated techniques
  • Strategies for choosing a theme
  • Real-time concepts sharing for each topic
  • Placements Assistance

  • Basic HTML
  • Forms
  • Image
  • CSS syntax
  • Selectors
  • CSS properties
  • Javascript concept & Events
  • Various types of validation
  • jQuery concept
  • jQuery functions
  • Useful plugins/ Library

  • Basic configuration & installation
  • Library Vs. Framework
  • Basic configuration & installation
  • React Features
  • Virtual DOM
  • JSX
  • Components
  • Directory structure
  • Create React app
  • Elements, Class
  • Components Lifecycle
  • Rendering and Conditional rendering

  • React JS state & props
  • React JS forms & events Validations,
  • React fragments, Refs, Keys, CSS in reactjs,
  • HOC (Higher Order Components)
  • React JS router,
  • URL Parameters,
  • Route, Link, NavLink,
  • Component routing,
  • Switch ,Nesting, LocalStorage,
  • Private Route , Redirects (Auth)
  • Hooks

Concept of API, Implementing dynamic data using ready made API, Basic Crud operation using built in API etc.

Implementing a live project based UI using React library in Static format.

On successful completion of the training and the assigned project work, students will be certified as Trainee Frontend Developer by Idiosys Academy.

* Huge opportunity to be a part of Idiosys Technologies if you perform well * Additionally, we would do placement support on multiple companies.

Certificate- Idiosys Academy

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